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Issue: 17 TERMS & CONDITIONS: Effective 1st January, 2017

Disclaimer:The acceptance of an offer by a business to exhibit at an Event by submission of a Booking Form is at the sole discretion of the Event Organiser, there will be no recourse by an Exhibitor if an application to exhibit is not accepted. The Event Organiser reserves the right to reject without prejudice a submission to exhibit without qualification.

If accepted by the Event Organiser, the Signing of the Event Booking Form or by Payment confirms that: By completing and returning the exhibitor booking form you are agreeing with the below terms & conditions.

2.0       Organisers Rights and Responsibilities


2.1       The Organiser will organise and conduct and Event or other activity on behalf of the Exhibitor, Advertiser, or Sponsor in accordance with the Event / Expo Prospectus related to an Event or other activity documented by the Organiser on behalf of the Exhibitor. Advertiser or Sponsor.

2.2       The Organiser efforts to offer will make all reasonable efforts to offer an Exhibition Space, advertising or sponsorship as requested and being noted on the Booking Form Application or Contract (written or verbal) by the Exhibitor, Advertiser, or Sponsor.

2.3       The Organiser does not guarantee event visitor numbers or the level of commercial activity at the event or be responsible for any economic loss.

2.4       The Organiser reserves the right to cancel or postpone an Event or other activity due to circumstances beyond the Organiser’s control, such as third party cancellation, natural disaster or where a state of emergency has been declared. All payments made prior to an Event or other activity which has resulted in a postponement of an Event or other activity will be honoured at the re-scheduled Event or re-scheduled activity. Any loss incurred by the exhibitor due to the above shall not be the responsibility of the organiser.

2.4.1          The Organiser reserves the right to postpone or amend the stated dates of the Event. The Organiser will attempt to give no less than 7 days’ notice of any such postponements, but this can be out of the control of the Organiser due to unforeseeable circumstances. Booking Fees will not be refunded if Exhibitor wishes to cancel their booking.

2.4.2          If the Organiser has to cancel the Event, due to unforeseen circumstances all deposits / the exhibitors Booking will be transferred to the next available Event. The Organiser will attempt to give no less than 7 days’ notice of any such cancelation, but this can be out of the control of the Organiser due to unforeseeable circumstances. If accepted by the Organiser, Booking Fee payments will be refunded within 90 Days less transaction fees. In some instances, it may be necessary to refund Booking Payment in instalments at the discretion of the Organiser.

2.43.3         The Booking Fee is not refundable if this booking is cancelled by the Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor or the Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor fails or refuses to attend the Event, however, in some circumstances at the discretion of the Organiser, the booking may be transferred to another Expo.

2.5     Wherever possible, site space assignments or other arrangements will be made by the Organiser in keeping with the preferences of the Exhibitor, Advertiser, or Sponsor. The Organiser reserves the right to move, delete or add site spaces or make other arrangements and/or make the final determination on all site space assignments or other arrangements without prior consultation with the Exhibitor, Advertiser, or Sponsor.

2.6     The Organiser does not guarantee exclusivity of products or services and cannot guarantee that similar products or services will not be located adjacent or near the Exhibitor in relation to Exhibition space at an Event. (Unless specified to the Exhibitor in writing)       

2.7     The organiser accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the offers made either verbally or written outside the standard offer for the Event. Exclusivity of Exhibitor Types is totally at the discretion of the Organiser and decisions in this regard may vary from time to time and solely at the discretion of the Organiser.

2.8     The Organiser reserves the right to alter or change the traffic flow or access arrangements to and from an Event site and/or the Exhibitor site at any time. These changes may affect exhibitor and/or patron vehicle traffic and/or patron foot traffic.

2.9     The Organiser reserves the right to alter or change at any time the style or type of exhibitor access pass required to enter or gain access to an Event. The Organiser or their staff or volunteers or security staff also reserve the right to ask for additional identification and where in doubt as to whether or not the exhibitor pass is being used by a person or persons who are not entitled to carry that pass, the Organiser reserves the right to confiscate the exhibitor pass and refuse entry to that person or persons.

2.10   The Organiser will take every care to ensure that promotional materials provided by the Advertiser are included in publications organised by the Organiser, but will not be held liable for any loss should such advertising not be included.

2.11   Exhibitors, Advertisers and Sponsors indemnify the Organiser against all claims against the Organiser for breach of warranty, third-party intellectual property rights or any other liability that the Organiser may otherwise be exposed to relating to information or images about a product or service released to the Organiser on behalf of or by the Exhibitor, Advertiser, or Sponsor.

2.12   Sponsors acknowledge that all care and attention will be taken by the Organiser in relation to providing all sponsorship benefits arising from a sponsorship contract, however the Organiser will not be held liable for any acts or omissions relating to the sponsorship contract that were not achieved by the Organiser.

2.13   The Organiser cannot be held liable for injury or death, property damage, economic loss or any other claims relating to an Exhibitor, Advertiser, or Sponsor nor to an Event or other activity.

2.14   The Organiser reserves the right to cancel an Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor’s site space or activity in the event that if the Organiser believes there has been a breach by the Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor of their responsibilities as per these the Terms & Conditions. Any such cancellation by the organiser in this regard is deemed a formal cancellation and fees and charges will apply to the cancellation as per these terms and conditions.

2.15   If the Organiser believes there to be a breach of the site contract or activity by the Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor, the Organiser will give the Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor reasonable time to remedy such breach, such reasonable time will be advised to the Exhibitor, Advertiser, or Sponsor at the time of the notification. In the event that the remedy sought by Organiser does not satisfy the Organiser as to the remedy of the breach by the Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor, then clause 6.1 comes into effect and all penalties as outlined in these terms and conditions will apply.

2.16   The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to an Exhibitor or Sponsor at an Event where the Organiser believes that such entry may have a material or adverse effect on the Organiser, other Exhibitors, Sponsors and/or patrons of an Event.

2.17   In all such cases of a breach, the Organiser has the right to on-sell site space of an Exhibitor or Sponsor without notice to such Exhibitor or Sponsor of such decision having been made by the Organiser.

2.18   External Stands are for Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor that has oversize displays that cannot be accommodated inside the Event. These maybe be Tents, Marquees, Caravans, Ceremony Set-Ups, Reception Set Ups and Vehicles. Being an open air display the Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor needs to acknowledge that there is an opportunity for adverse weather (Rain, Wind). The Organiser will endeavour to accommodate the exhibitor internally with a standard display area if one is available. There will be no recourse or reimbursement due to conditions out of the control of the Organiser.’

3.0 Exhibitors Rights and Responsibilities

3.1     No Exhibitor shall assign, sublet or share the space allotted with another business or firm unless approval has been obtained from the Organiser in writing.

3.2     No Exhibits will be permitted which interfere with the representation of other Exhibits or Impede access to them or impede the free use of the aisles. Exhibitors and staff on stand, including demonstrators and ticket sellers, are required to confine their activities within the allocated space of the Exhibitor’s site.

3.3     Sound presentations, slides, movies or videos are permitted if attuned to a conversational level and if not objectionable to neighbouring exhibitors.

3.4     Exhibitors are required to have their site fully staffed at all times while an Event is open to the public. Exhibitors must ensure that all staff working on their site display appropriate exhibitor passes at all times. Site space must be kept clean and tidy and all rubbish removed to assigned rubbish locations during the course of an Event.

3.5     Exhibitors must make the most of the site space for promotional and commercial opportunities and to maximise the appearance of the site space in keeping with the standards of an Event.

3.6     Exhibitors must follow all directions of staff employed or engaged by the Organiser, including compliance with relevant laws, Occupational Health & Safety requirements and venue guidelines whilst at an Event.

3.7     Exhibitors are required to remove all materials at the completion of an Event and bring the site space back to the condition to which the site space was when the Exhibitor arrived. Failure by an Exhibitor to remove all rubbish and return the site space to its former condition will result in additional fees charged ($55.00)for such cleaning and reinstatement.

3.8     The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Organiser with respect to loss, damage or claims as a result of a breach of contract, claims associated with a display or demonstration of products and selling goods or services that misrepresent or infringe upon intellectual property rights that may arise as a result of any act of the Exhibitor and/or default or omission on the part of the Exhibitor.

3.9     All property, display materials and vehicles under the control and custody of the Exhibitor are understood to remain under the control and custody of the Exhibitor and therefore the total responsibility of the Exhibitor in relation to insurance protection and coverage in transit to, within the confines of the exhibition boundaries and in transit to and from the confines of the exhibition venue and its boundaries and for the total duration of an Event from the commencement of the set up through until an Event site is vacated. The Organiser is not responsible for any damage to or loss of goods of the Exhibitor or its servants, staff, agents, or contractors due to any reason whatsoever.

3.10   Exhibitors and others are not permitted to connect or otherwise interfere with the electrical, gas, water, or other fittings within a venue or at the grounds where an Event is located. Any such connections or alterations need to be approved by the Organiser and the host venue and would then be carried out at the expense of the Exhibitor.

3.11   The Exhibitor, its servants, agents, licensees, contractors, or sub-contractors will be responsible for complying with workplace health and safety standards at all times. Children are not permitted on site at the venue during set up and bump out times.

3.12   Exhibitors agree to not cross promote other businesses unless all parties are paid exhibitors of the event.

3.13   All Exhibitors must have a current Public Liability Insurance policy with cover of at least $10 million covering the period of an Event and are required to provide proof of currency of insurance to the Organiser prior to the commencement of an Event and copy of products liability if selling food, beverages, or products.

3.14   All electrical items brought to an Event MUST HAVE valid electrical certification tags on them, including extension leads and power boards. Exhibitors who have ordered power and require more than one power outlet, must bring their own additional power leads and power boards.

3.15      The Exhibitor agrees to maintain their exhibition material within the allocated stand area (3m x 1.5m) in accordance with safety regulations. All exhibits are to be subject to the approval of the Organiser and OH&S regulations. An OH&S audit may be undertaken on the day and any issues that are found are to be rectified by the Exhibitor. All external exhibitors with sun shelters must ensure that they be securely anchored and weighted down appropriately.

3.16      The Exhibitor has agreed not to display or give benefit to any other business outside the Exhibitors own under that Business ABN. Under no circumstances is an Exhibitor to share or sub-let a stand or display other business’s promotional material. This includes the display or distribution of other wedding magazines and promotional material / signs of other magazines / organisations other than those of Our Wedding™ and its sister publications as directed by the Organiser.

3.17      The Exhibitors’ stand MUST be set up by 9.30am at the latest on the morning of the Event. No Exhibitor will be given entry to Set Up after 9.30am the morning of the Event. The Exhibitors stand must be staffed at all times during the operation hours of the Event normally 10.00am till 2.00pm.

3.19      The Organiser offers five (5) types / styles of events:

            3.19.1   Industry Wedding Expo: standard style and offering of wedding event with Backing Boards.

            3.19.2   Boutique Wedding Expo: Open Plan wedding event, no backing boards.

            3.19.3   Vintage Chic Wedding Fair: Open Plan wedding event, no backing boards, Bohemian, Shabby Chic, Country, Rustic theme.

            3.19.4   Brides Day Out: Large major city event with backing boards promoting weddings in Regional areas of Australia, with many activities for Brides to Be to engage.

            3.19.5   Wedding, Wine & Food Festival: normally an outside event catering for Regional Wine Areas, no backing boards and exhibitors accommodated in Mini Pergoda Marquees. Wine Tasting, Food and wedding suppliers being represented.

3.19      The Exhibitor isNOTtoNail, Staple, Tack, Pin or Screw(Banned Products) into Backing Boards or cause damage to Backing Boards in their allocated display area. To do so will see the Exhibitor being charged $135.00 per Backing Board. Plus, any Medical Expenses that maybe incurred by Expo Staff with injuries caused by handling of backing boards, where exhibitors have ignored this instruction and used theBanned Products. This will be paid by the Exhibitor and the Exhibitor will accept full responsibility for their actions. Only VELCRO Hooks can be used to attach light weight display materials to carpet covered Backing Boards. Heavy Items can be attached to Backing Boards using PERGOLA HOOKS.

3.20      The Exhibitor accepts responsibility for ensuring that a protective cover MUST be placed in their stand area to protect polished wooden floors from, scratches, indentations, gouges, or any damage whatsoever from any of their display product or articles. If the Event Organiser deems a display product or article has the potential to damage flooring the exhibitor MUST remove the article from their exhibition space and/or venue, without damage to flooring.

3.21      The Exhibitor accepts the responsibility to ensure that there are NO NAKED FLAMES on their stand that may cause a fire, all candles and exposed flames must be in a protective container. The Exhibitor is to advise the Organiser of their intended use of Candles or Smoke Machines to ensure that Smoke Alarms are turned off if required for their use or if Candles or Smoke Machines can be used in a Venue.

3.22      The Exhibitor will be held liable and make good the repair or replacement at their own expense to the satisfaction of the venue, for any damage to walls, floors, polished wood floors, carpets, fittings or equipment of the building /venue where the Exhibition is being held or any Organisers material or equipment. Exhibitors need to have their own damage insurance coverage.

3.23      The Exhibitor, if found responsible and careless in their actions, sets off the emergency alarm system, including fire alarm and sprinklers, then they will be held responsible for the costs associated with the call out of emergency services and any damage caused by their actions.

3.24      The Exhibitor shall not assign or subject any part of their stand space to be assigned without the consent of the Event Organisers. Only the Exhibitors marketing material under their own individual ABN is to be exhibited on their stand and NO OTHER products, promotional material or services are to be displayed, distributed or verbally promoted. The Event Organiser reserves the right to inspect content of promotional bags of The Exhibitor to ensure that there is no contravention to this item.

3.25      Exhibitors should be aware that an assertive Pre-Exhibition / Event Media Campaign will be implemented by the Organiser to ensure optimum event success. Subsequently no responsibility will be accepted by the Organiser for lack of attendance or loss to an Exhibitor.

4.0       Charges and Payments

4.1       A Non-Refundable full payment for an exhibition stand at an event is payable upon return of your completed Booking Form Application.

4.2       If the Organiser accepts an extended payment period the minimum deposit is 50%. All Exhibitor site fees must be paid in full by the dates set out in the Booking Form. If all monies are not received by 60 days prior to the date of the event your booking will be cancelled and deposit not refunded.

4.3       The Exhibitor acknowledges that an Exhibition Space is NOT confirmed until full payment is received for the exhibition space.

4.4       If the specified deposit on any exhibition stand booking has not been paid by an Exhibitor with in the Terms set out in the Booking Form, and after verbal confirmation from the Organiser to the Exhibitor that such deposit is due and payable immediately and the Exhibitor fails to satisfy such payment within a reasonable period, the Organiser may re-assign or cancel that booking without notice to the Exhibitor.

4.5       Exhibitors who have not completed full payment for their site fees by the date set out in Terms & Conditions (unless prior alternate arrangements have been made with the Organiser and agreed by the Organiser in writing) may have their site relocated, re-allocated or cancelled.

4.6       Exhibitors who have not completed full payment for their site fees will not be permitted to enter or set up at the specified venue. The Organiser reserves the right to legally recover the site fees from the Exhibitor.

4.7       Exhibitors who have not completed full payment for their site fees will not be permitted to enter or set up at the specified venue. The Organiser reserves the right to legally recover the site fees from the Exhibitor.

4.8       Exhibitors, Advertisers and Sponsors acknowledge that payments made by use of credit card facilities (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) will incur an additional surcharge fee as set out in the Tax Invoice provided to the Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor.

4.9       The Exhibitor shall meet ALL financial obligations under agreement with the Organiser. This includes but not limited to meeting the Exhibition Fee payable on the Booking Form upon lodgement of the Booking Form. If money is not received within the prescribed Terms and Conditions of the Booking, your booking will be cancelled. In other cases, where money is still outstanding beyond the Terms and Conditions, 2% compound interest, recalculated monthly, will be payable along with any costs associated in recouping these costs i.e. court costs, lodgements and debt collectors.

4.10      Exhibitors that have opted and select the Multiple Event Booking Package agree to pay in FULL for all Expos at time of receiving invoice or accept the Direct Debit Payment Program over a maximum of six (6) months undertaken by Wedding Marketing Group Pty Ltd, charging against your business or personal Credit Card on the anniversary each month. Each Event must be paid in FULL prior to attending the Event. To realise your Discounted Offer of $75.00 off the 2nd, 3rdand 4thBooked Event and then receive a 5thComplimentary of the cheaper value selected, if the payment has been concluded and paid in full.

4.11      Exhibitors wishing to partake in the Multiple Event Booking Package acknowledge that they must pay for their first Expo with the Booking Form Application then a maximum of five (5) equal payments on the anniversary date each month.

4.12      Exhibitors that take advantage of the Multiple Event Booking Offer and exhibit at two (2) or more of the selected Expos and then wish to cancel the balance of their Multiple Event Booking will be liable for the balance of their committed investment for the Multiple Event Booking.

4.13      Exhibitors that have signed up for Multiple Booking of Events Package must ensure that they have paid in Full prior to exhibiting at any of the individual Events that are part of the Multiple Booking.

5.0       Cancellation Policy

5.1       Any cancellation by Exhibitors or Sponsors must be advised to the Organiser in writing. Assessment of cancellation penalties will be done on the day that the written advice of cancellation is received by the Organiser in line with the cancellation policy. The Organiser reserves the right to re-sell the cancelled site.

5.2       Cancellation penalties are:

5.2.1    If an Exhibitor cancels a booking for any reason the total invoiced Booking Fee is Non-Refundable.

5.2.2    If an Exhibitor cancels a booking for any reason the event organisers may consider transferring the Booking to the next available event within the guidelines of the Prospectus.

5.2.3    If an Event is postponed (see clause 2.4 of the terms and conditions) all site fees paid to the Organiser will be transferred to the re-scheduled Event and no refunds will be forthcoming.

5.2.4    If the Organiser deems the request for refund acceptable with in the set guidelines, a refund will be processed within 90 Days from the acceptance.

6.0 Insurance Cover

6.1       The Exhibitor and Sponsor acknowledge that Event sites can be hazardous. Exhibitors and Sponsors are required to take due care and attention in order to prevent injury and property damage. The Organiser cannot be held responsible nor liable for damage caused by the act or omission of an Exhibitor or Sponsor.

6.2       In the event of an incident or accident the Exhibitor and/or Sponsor is responsible for immediately notifying the site office located at an Event of such incident or accident and no items are to be removed from the site space without the prior approval of the Organiser.

6.3       Exhibitors and Sponsors are required to notify the Organiser’s Site Office, located at an Event, and complete an Incident Report Form, in writing, to inform the Organiser of any site incident or accident and provide supporting evidence of such incident or accident.

6.4       It is an inherent obligation of the Exhibitor and Sponsor to provide proof of currency of public liability insurance in accordance with the date set out in the Event Information. The Exhibitor and/or Sponsor will ensure that such public liability insurance is to the value of no less than $10 million prior to allowing access to an Event.

6.5       Exhibitors and Sponsors acknowledge that in the event that they do not have individual cover for an Event, that the Organiser can arrange for public liability cover for the period of an Event on behalf of the Exhibitor or Sponsor at a cost to the Exhibitor or Sponsor. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor or Sponsor to request such cover from the Organiser no later than 14 days prior to the commencement date of an Event.

6.6       The Exhibitor participates at his/her own risk and hereby indemnifies the organizer from all claims and demands in respect of or resulting from any accident, damage to property (owned, hired or leased), injury or death to any person for the duration of the event which the organizer is or could become legally liable.

7.0       Privacy Policy

7.1       The Organiser is committed to the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

7.2       All personal information collected from Exhibitors, Advertisers and Sponsors is done so in a lawful manner.

7.3       The Organiser will only disclose certain information to third parties assisting the Organiser with Events, advertising or sponsorships on behalf of the Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor.

8.0       Canvassing

8.1       Strictly no canvassing is allowed within the immediate vicinity of the event. Visitors to the event may be searched upon entry to prevent canvassing and prevent visitors from bringing promotional and other media into the event, as well as other items. If you are found to have promotional items on you that the organiser or security personnel at the event believe is for canvassing exhibitors and/or visitors, or you are caught canvasing you will be refused entry or removed from the event. If you wish to canvass at the event, we recommend you book an exhibition space.

9.         Food & Beverage

9.1       Any Exhibitor selling or providing sample food must advise us in writing so that we can complete a food notification form to the NSW Food Authority for the event.

9.2       Any Exhibitor selling or providing alcohol will have to provide staff on stands that are over 18 years of age and accredited with RSA. RSA Certificates for all staff are to be held at your stand along with your liquor licence or permit. All samples must be served in the correct sample cups as per your liquor licence. Copy of liquor licence certificate or permit must be sent to the organiser at least 14 days prior to the event.

10.0     Retail Sales

10.1      Any Exhibitor wishing to sell products at the Fair must advise us in writing so that we are aware.

10.2      Any Exhibitor selling products must have products liability insurance in addition to public liability insurance. The certificate must be valid for the date of the Fair; if this is not received retail sales will not be able to occur.